Feeling the pressure…

It comes at the oddest times and I’m not sure how to deal with it when it does. The failure mindset. Maybe because I’m not published that it comes harder. … Continue reading Feeling the pressure…

Write for yourself first.

In Stephen King’s book “On Writing”, he talks about his first reader. For him it’s his wife Tabitha. I understand why and for him this works. For the longest time … Continue reading Write for yourself first.

The point of no return.

There’s a moment when I’m writing and something sinister comes to my mind about the story. I could do something really messed up to the characters and they have to … Continue reading The point of no return.

How I stay focused through rejections.

With social media accounts and the continuous clamor for attention from all of them, not to mention politics and that headache, we are being pulled everywhere. If you throw on … Continue reading How I stay focused through rejections.