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There comes a time when we must challenge ourselves.

This challenge comes after months of thinking.

Sometimes, at least with me, it comes from dealing with depression and a feeling that I should quit and get a real job.

The challenge is this: take 3 months to improve your writing.

Ask those who read your work what you’re poor at and take 3 months to get better on those things.

I did this last year and I improved more in those 3 months than the previous 3 years.

This year I’ll push myself harder to get where I need to be because I won’t quit.

I’m unpublished but not for long.

In order for me to do this I have to take a break for social media.

My site isn’t a part of social media and now that I’m using it again, I’ll keep going.

As for other social media, the break begins this week.

I know where my writing suffers. I understand that getting better at the craft must happen in order to be published.

Have a good Tuesday and I’ll keep you updated.

Fear debilitates you, belittles you, and takes away your mind.

I’ve always been fearful of something, spiders, my father, losing my kids or my wife, but last night I had one of those writing epiphanies.

I write¬†Science Fiction, Fantasy, and horror because they’re what I feel comfortable with.

I write them because writing something literary or something that wouldn’t be considered popular fiction scares the shit out of me.

I have moments in my writing where the words flow like wine in Napa, moments where the words don’t tell you what’s going on in the story but you see the cloud formations, catch the protagonists eye and feel their pain, unfortunately, those are only moments.

For me, these moments are the glimmer of better writing, the shining example of where my writing could go if I were to allow it.

I have a book to finish this month, though it may push into June. I also have a second draft of another book to complete by June, that one will be done by June.

For the summer, I’ll be working on my craft. I won’t write a book this summer, I will improve my ability to craft them though.

This summer I’ll work on improving my craftsmanship.

Who’s down for doing this with me?



Tomorrow is the anniversary date for when my wife and I started dating.¬† It’s been 16 years and I never thought I’d have someone support me as much as she has.

For writers and anyone creative, having support for your art is what we need most. Having a person who–no matter what–puts their faith in your creative abilities has been the deciding factor in pursuit of my writing goals.

When I’m stuck she offers encouragement. When I have editing issues she does a read through to help.

These people who stand by our sides, guiding us, helping us and enlightening us to story problems we’d never see without them.

They’re our shoulder to cry one when we get rejection slips our party buddy when we get an acceptance letter and they’re the first we’ll run a story by if we think it’s good.

They’re our parents, siblings, spouse, partner and children. They’re always there when we need them and they never gripe about you not being published, they’re just happy to see you happy following your dream.

When you look at this person remember, they may be giving up their own dreams to let you follow yours. This is true with me and I know a lot of writers whose spouse or partner have given up their dreams–even if for a little while–so you could chase yours.

Thank them regularly.

You may not know their dreams, or you just have an inkling of what their dreams are, but their dream is on the horizon and when you get the chance you should let them follow that dream.

Not because they let you follow yours, but because they stood by and watched you chase the rabbit down the hole with every book, short story or poem and they waited patiently for you to return from Neverland a new you and a new perspective on who you are.