Who I Am and What This Blog is about.

Hello I’m Brian.

I am a horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller writer.

The current iteration of this blog is as a website for my writing. It has been many things, but it’s current iteration is the closest to who I am now.

I share my writing process on here, talk about what I’m working on, and discuss some of the things writers deal with on a daily basis.

It is also a place I come to when I’m frustrated. I will write about my mental state and how I handle rejection–better than I used to–and what writing is to me.

I’ve come to the conclusion I must use this space more for my writing and while I will use it as a sounding board, I willa also talk about mental health.

I am on Twitter

And on Instagram

I have a link in the page titled “Books” with links to where my books can be purchased.

3 thoughts on “Who I Am and What This Blog is about.

  1. Brian, small typo in this sentence: Our minds create who we are, but it’s up to us do fix the delusions and be who we want to be. I think you meant to write to fix, not do fix. 🙂


  2. Brian

    My name is Adam. I live in Devon, England with Amy & our two boys Devon and Torr.

    I want to wish you brilliance & success with your writing. Follow your passion as you are.

    About TM. I know about this subject. I learnt TM in 1990 @ 20 years of age.

    Only a flu once has stopped me using this every day.

    It is a simple technique given by the brilliant Maharishi.

    My personal strong recommendation about this is; meditate to live – always. After the allotted time, forget it & throw yourself into that Life. Writing, your kids, your wife etc.

    I have seen too many meditators who live to meditate. Where it is a cocoon & a security blanket – people who can’t quite face the diamond hardness of Life (it is tough & challenging for mostly everyone other than possibly the supremely enlightened).

    No matter what happens though keep your TM. Guru Dev & Maharishi knew their onions. This will clearly be seen by all in the World soon enough.

    Maharishi may have laughed a lot but he wasn’t kidding. Just because we can’t see the Tsunami doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.


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