Who I Am and What Delusions of Ink is about.

My name is Brian,

I’m a dad, Transcendental Meditator, husband, and fiction writer.

I began Delusions of Ink to help people overcome the delusions of who we are and find peace in the process.

I went through a bad depression and it led me to discover Transcendental Meditation and want to help others get over the delusions they have of themselves and their lives.

Each person is entitled to be happy and by shattering the delusion of who we are we’re able to transcend those delusions and become the person who should have been all along.

I talk about depression, suicide and the thoughts I’ve had while I continue on my path of discovering who I am and through my path I try to impart words of wisdom to shatter the delusions of others and help them be better versions of themselves.

I hope you’ll shatter some of your own delusions while you follow or subscribe to Delusions of Ink.

2 thoughts on “Who I Am and What Delusions of Ink is about.

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  1. Brian, small typo in this sentence: Our minds create who we are, but it’s up to us do fix the delusions and be who we want to be. I think you meant to write to fix, not do fix. πŸ™‚


How are you Overcoming your Delusions?

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