Who I Am and What Delusions of Ink is about.

My name is Brian,

I’m a dad, Transcendental Meditator, husband, and fiction writer.

I began Delusions of Ink to overcome who I was,  and maybe help others along the way.

It’s changed and I’ve changed.

First came Transcendental Meditation then in the summer of 2015, I quit my job, we moved to our hometown 500 miles away, and I began to write full-time.

I wasn’t used to writing full-time.

It took me a year to grow accustomed to it. I’ve written four books since we moved and numerous short stories.

I’m still finding my way in publishing, but I’m closer than I was before we moved.

I talk about writing, life, and dealing with both while being a dad, husband, and sometimes a bartender.

Each person is entitled to be happy and by shattering the delusion of who we are we’re able to transcend those delusions and become the person who should have been all along.

I hope you’ll shatter some of your own delusions while you follow or subscribe to Delusions of Ink.

3 thoughts on “Who I Am and What Delusions of Ink is about.

Add yours

  1. Brian, small typo in this sentence: Our minds create who we are, but it’s up to us do fix the delusions and be who we want to be. I think you meant to write to fix, not do fix. 🙂


  2. Brian

    My name is Adam. I live in Devon, England with Amy & our two boys Devon and Torr.

    I want to wish you brilliance & success with your writing. Follow your passion as you are.

    About TM. I know about this subject. I learnt TM in 1990 @ 20 years of age.

    Only a flu once has stopped me using this every day.

    It is a simple technique given by the brilliant Maharishi.

    My personal strong recommendation about this is; meditate to live – always. After the allotted time, forget it & throw yourself into that Life. Writing, your kids, your wife etc.

    I have seen too many meditators who live to meditate. Where it is a cocoon & a security blanket – people who can’t quite face the diamond hardness of Life (it is tough & challenging for mostly everyone other than possibly the supremely enlightened).

    No matter what happens though keep your TM. Guru Dev & Maharishi knew their onions. This will clearly be seen by all in the World soon enough.

    Maharishi may have laughed a lot but he wasn’t kidding. Just because we can’t see the Tsunami doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.


How are you Overcoming your Delusions?

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