About Brian B Baker

I write horror stories, talk about depression, and how I through all of it.

Finding me.


After 13 novels and novellas, you’d think I’d found what I wanted to write. What I was good at or at least what I was interested in.

I did a writing class about finding an agent the other day. It was a good class, but what the writer said about finding their voice stuck with me. They limited what they wrote because, for some reason, they didn’t say. But it came out that those restricted things that they were doing dialed it back for publishing reasons. It limited who they were and what they wrote. It killed their voice.

I have written a vampire novel, a post-apocalyptic novel, a YA novel, an urban fantasy, two fantasy novels, a haunted house novel, a military/political thriller, and others I’ve forgotten.

You’d think I’d understand my voice by now. That I’d know what I should sound like on the page. I don’t know that I do. This is the hardest part of it. I loved writing all of those books. I enjoyed every page, and each character holds a special place. I’m not sure any of them are my voice. The urban fantasy or the military/political thriller comes the closest.

I love writing horror, but most of all, I love writing. I’m unsure what the future holds, but I’ll keep writing.

I’ll publish three books this year: two novellas and a collection. I have the covers and am dialing in the edits for all of them. I’ll post more when I have more to say.




I hate to leave anyone hanging. I didn’t write the post that was supposed to go out today. I lost my train of thought on a few things. I’m sure you recognize that from Friday’s post.

I’m working on fixing all of this. I’ll keep you posted.

There are days…


I have a lot of projects going on. Let’s get that out of the way. I’m trying to build an audience for my work. Recent issues with the owner of Twitter don’t help with the latter of these. I joined Substack to get a bit more followers for my writing. It hasn’t helped, at least not yet.

The other day, I saw a post on Instagram about going dark for six months. I’ve thought of doing this a lot. Just shutter my blog and all of my socials and work. It’s what I’m leaning towards.

I enjoy the interaction on this blog. I enjoy Twitter, but that place is not what it once was. I know it’s on its last legs. We all see through the fire and smoke. We saw it when MySpace crashed.

Anywho, I will be going on a sabbatical.

Back to work…


My wife and I finished spreading the rock on our yard this last weekend. We’re still recovering.

I am working on a new project. It’s moving swiftly. I hit 13k today and wrote 2100 words each of the last two days. It’s been a while since I wrote this quickly.

Sorry, this one is later than usual. I was busy getting my word count. I’ll leave you with this, get it done.