You have to move forward

We all have those moments when we understand that things won’t get done unless we remove things from our lives.

Those things can be people, video games, or other activities.

This on the subject of the ones who choose to leave. Either on their own or when they no longer serve a purpose either in their availability or in their attitude.

They come at you with their falsehoods, their passive-aggressive attitudes and you have to leave them to themselves.

You no longer have patience or time for it and other things are more important to you.

We spend too long in this life ignoring those people and what they represent.

We have to cut them out sooner or later. It’s always better when it’s sooner.

They distract, they disturb and take away from who you want to be. Usually they knew you once but refuse to accept who you are.

When you move forward it will suck for a while but you’re better off with a close circle than those who take away from who you are.

I had planned to take time away from the blog but my thoughts keep pulling me in.

I’m still writing. I submitted to a few agents this past week and will send off more this week.

Have a great rest of your weekend.


3 thoughts on “You have to move forward

  1. A blog is a really cathartic way to just let some things go. As much as you might want time away, it is a healthy release! That being said, I hope you get some positive feedback from the agents. Sending you luck and good vibes.


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