Changing direction.

It’s become clear to me that my fiction writing and my blog writing should interact somehow. I’ve been working through how to do that in my head and came up with a solution.

I realized in order for them to interact, I should discuss what I’m working on, how I came to choose that project, and what my intent is for the project..i.e. publishing on Amazon, regular publishing, etc.

What I will not do it post excerpts from a work-in-progress(WiP). This causes too many issues with my work and how I maintain my writing schedule.

For the foreseeable future, I will be publishing blog articles Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I know this is a big change and will take time for me to get used to it, and it may change as I query novels during the summer.

For now, I will be publishing on those days. My writing will be focused on story, and not my daily life, for that, check out my Instagram.

On occasion, when I’m dealing with a recurrence of depression related issues, I will talk about them. I won’t hold that back, not ever. If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll understand my reasoning for that. For now, the blog will be focused on writing, with rare exceptions.

Happy writing and welcome to the blog.




There are days when life strikes, and writing becomes secondary.

When these moments happen, I close my eyes and take care of it.

A few years ago, I wasn’t as bold. When confronted by adversity, I would hide away.

I wouldn’t discuss what was going on with me. I didn’t want the world to know I couldn’t handle life.

As a male, this is what we’re taught.

I was never told not to cry by my parents, but when something went wrong, I would have to “grow up.”

The majority of this came from my father.

He’d use words he thought were motivating when in fact they were emasculating. As a teenager, I had poor self-esteem because of the things he said.

I didn’t understand that a father behaving that way wasn’t normal. Until I had my own son and realized the harm words like, skinny, wimp, and many others were.

A few years ago, I was stuck. I hated who I was. I hated how I treated my wife, kids, and myself.

I woke up one day and realized the horrible person I was to my wife and decided to change.

I knew it would be difficult, but I had to do it.

I couldn’t turn into my father.

I didn’t want my kids to look at me the way I looked at my father.

I grew up in fear of him.

Now, nearly twenty years after we went our separate ways. I’m a better man and a better husband and father for not having him in our lives.

At the beginning of my choice to change, I had to think through every interaction with people.

I had to consciously acknowledge my failings.

Becoming aware of who you are, how you’ve reacted to situations and people, makes you hate yourself.

It also is an eye-opening experience that shatters all the notions of self.

You realize you’re not a wonderful person. You think about all the times you screwed up and blamed others.

The offender stares at you every morning when you look in the mirror. Even today, I see him.

I know that person is still there. It will always be there and I’ll always fight it.

Change is difficult.

Understanding who you are and what needs to change makes all the difference.

The sudden realization that you’re not the good person you show the rest of the world changes you.

Today, I’m a better person than I was a few years ago because I decided to change who I am.

Its been a difficult road, but every day I look in the mirror I feel more confident in who I’ve become.


pablo (16)

We morph, that’s all we do.

We change from one person to another throughout our lives until we discover the person we were supposed to be.

For some of us, it’s a religious experience that causes the change, for others, it’s a business experience.

While all of these are possible, the one thing that follows all of these is adversity.

In our lives we reach a certain point where we need change, we either revert who we once were because of the modification or we have an awakening that brings who we should have been in the first place, forward.

This is the advancement of self. It is the advancement of who we used to be that clarifies who we are and distills in us the person we knew we had to be instead of the person someone wants us to be.

Becoming the person you want to be instead of the person others want is hard, but it’s worth the effort.


Discovery, Direction and Moving Where Your Motivation Takes You.

You discover yourself when you’re left to your own devices.

You learn about who you are, what you desire and what works best for you.

The devices you’re left to, well that’s a different kind of animal.

When the world around you changes and you’re stuck doing things you’ve always dreamed of, a few things happen.

You’ll slap yourself often. This is to check if you’re sleeping, but beware, when you do this, people will think you’re odd for slapping yourself in public.

You’ll understand that you’re better at something than you first thought. This understanding allows you to be more creative, and willing to adventure to places you didn’t believe you could go.

When you discover these places, you won’t believe they were there prior to your discovery. You’ll believe them false and it’s because of this belief you’ll learn that your life wasn’t what you believed it to be.

Belief in yourself should be the motivation for anything you do. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.

The belief you have in yourself is the most valuable commodity you possess, use it only with those who share your vision.

If you share it with everyone, it diminishes the commodity.

Trust in yourself and understand that discovery, desire and belief are the greatest assets you have.

When you know these things, then you’ll be headed in the correct direction.



Why We Should Ignore The Rainclouds.

In our lives we discover there are always doubters.

These people believe that because they didn’t, or couldn’t do it, it’s not possible.

The reason they say these things are they tried and gave up on what they wanted.

They saw it ahead of them, but just before they got there it became too hard. They gave up because their will to be someone better wasn’t stronger than being satisfied with the life they had.

Along your journey through life, you’ll meet a lot of these doubters, and they’ll have good stories, but they always end in, “I couldn’t do it anymore”, and that statement is what makes us different from those who, “couldn’t do it anymore.”

They thought because they were near the end, or what they perceived to be the end, it would get easier.

Has life ever gotten easier when you were trying to do something difficult?

Have you ever sat and thought, “Climbing this mountain is going to be easier than the training?” Why do you think that is?

The training prepared you for getting to that mountain, tasting that cold air, feeling that snow on your face and the rocks under your feet. It never did the work for you, it was only practice.

That’s what every moment of your life has been up to the point where you believe you can do great things, practice.

Sure, you’ll deal with difficulties again, but they’ll be easier than the ones when you started.

If you ever think what you’re doing is easy, you’re doing the wrong things and not trying hard enough.

Living the life you want will be difficult, but it will be worth the moments of staying up late, of staying at the gym late, of trying to improve your life.

Each and every moment of your life until you reach your goal is practice, but once you get there, you’ll need to work harder to stay where you’re at, not because it gets easier, but because once you get there, you’ll never want to leave that life again.