Reaching a new point of writing awareness.

As I wrote on Monday, I’ve learned to understand the process.

Like every kind of relationship, when you get to the right one, you understand why the others never worked.

That’s how I’ve felt over the last week and half.

I built the foundation of the relationship, found common ground, and constructed a blueprint for how to move forward.

I wouldn’t say my process was broken before it just wasn’t the process I needed for my writing.

Now I’m on the real work of the outline.

I’ve created scenes, learned about characters, and quite a bit about myself.

Throughout, I’ve begun to understand the flaws in my other books and why they just weren’t there. It wasn’t that they weren’t good stories, it’s that I didn’t understand how to create the blueprint for them.

Today I’ll spend my time with the outline. Creating things and finding out what is the best use of each set piece, each section of foreshadowing and how to do it properly.

I’m moving forward and that a good thing. I’m still planning on starting the drafting process in October. It will be a Halloween gift to myself.

Happy writing and always keep writing.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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