Writing, building blocks, and what makes your voice special.

A journey can take few weeks, a week, or sometimes years.

This writing journey I’m on has taken me to the lowest places as well as the pinnacle of my thoughts.

I’ve dug through my life for little pieces of stories.

Each piece drips with memories of what where my life was, who was in it, and what music I was listening to.

I pull these pieces out my memory, smashing them together with the characters, and stories I create.

Each one is distinct, functional, and helps me get to the next part of this journey.

The journey, like the writing, never stops, it only pauses.

These pauses are where most of our memories come from.

They are the little glimpses of our childhood. The pain of a lost loved one, or the bitter disappointment of failure.

All of us know what these things fell like.

The way a hospital smells, how a campfire feels, and the way it feels when we’re in the throws of ecstasy with the one we love.

These are the building blocks of stories.

Sure, there can be monsters, aliens, or whatever, but all of them are drawn with the paintbrush of memory.

No one knows what it was like to watch someone die, not from how you viewed it.

Your view of the world is special because it’s your own.

Stories come and go but the way they make you feel or a reader feel, that’s the magic.

It’s exactly why I feel write what you know is bullshit.

It’s write what you’ve felt. Write what you’ve experienced.

Your life experience is what people want to know. It’s what makes us stay up until all hours reading.

It took me a while to understand these things, but now that I know them, they are my gospel.

Go on and live your life. Use it to influence your writing and take note of the little things in your memory. There’s gold in those thoughts.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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