Finding Your Dreams With TM.

night time_DxO

What we dream about can influence what we do in life, but without a dream, we’re an empty vessel.

Dreams come to us children, sometimes wanting to get out of the places we’re stuck in, or maybe wanting to get rid of the life we have.

With age, we learn our dreams are only as big as we want them to be.

We learn from our parents who may have given up their dreams to have us, or possibly they’ve given us up to follow their dreams, either way, a dream is something we should follow.

The day we decide to follow our dreams, that day, is one of the most important days of our lives.

Our decision to follow our dreams, like the decision to attend college, travel through Europe after high school and get married are not things we should do without thinking about them. If you find yourself thinking about something often, do it.

The thought of not writing daily is something that gave me bad dreams.

When I began TM I discovered that writing came easier than ever, and I didn’t stress about the content; I knew good content would come.

My life comes alive in the 20 minutes of TM in a way I don’t understand, but my writing is something which I love.

I’ve discovered more worlds, new stories, and found myself traversing a deepness in my stories that I never found without TM. I’ve discovered since starting TM a connection and rhythm to the characters, and sometimes I wonder if I’m going crazy being able to see things through their eyes.

The connection with a story is what makes me a writer, it’s the reason I write this blog.

I like the connection, the way I find new blogs through new readers, and though I write only twice a week, I find peace in that time.

I write about TM and I hope the words on the page lead those who read them to look into TM, whether you’re struck with depression as I was, or having problems with a spouse or loved one, TM is the one thing I’ve discovered which made me feel like the person I’ve always wanted to be.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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