The 5 Things I Believe Are More Important Since Starting Transcendental Meditation.

It took a couple of days after TM to sink in that I wasn’t living the way I wanted. I was living cautious. I was living overly cautious.

I hadn’t done the things my wife and I wanted when we first got together. This was because of the fear of being judged by those around us.

If we’d done the things we wanted when we first had our kids, we’d be viewed as bad parents, or may still because we want to do more than walk through our lives, we want to live our lives.

The things we haven’t done which we wanted are many, but we’re going to start doing them.

The important things have been put off for too long because of the fear of being judged.

What was important before TM no longer is, but other things are.

The following is a list of 5 things I believe are more important now that I’m a TM Practitioner.

  1. Always be who you want to be. Being who you want is important to your sanity and to the way your kids view you.
  2. Only do the things which can improve yourself, wife or your kids. Doing things in your life which improve the lives of your family is extremely important to being fulfilled in life.
  3. Never trust someone to do the right thing, you must do the right thing. Though I explored this one already, the Right Thing is what makes you the stronger person.
  4. Be the person you looked up to as a kid. We all viewed someone as that indestructible person, be the way you viewed that person as a kid, never as an adult.
  5. Always go on adventure. This is the biggest one. Adventure keeps us wanting more out of life. It is the spark of inspiration, the never-ending life of who we are. Adventure is always there for you, but taking yourself or family on a trip somewhere is more important than anything you do in life. Take a new adventure every year.

Those around you who don’t think what you’re doing is important, no longer matter.

Go on an adventure, live life your way and don’t care what anyone says about you.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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