Sometimes you have to jump!

Over the last six months I’ve been going through edits, revisions, and story changes.

It is the reason I took a break from the blog for a while.

I’ve been debating what to do with this book. Should I send it to an agent and cross my fingers or do I publish it on KU(Kindle Unlimited)?

I’ve decided to publish it on KU.

This is the first book I’ve published and I understand there’s a learning curve with publishing. I also know it will only be as good as I’m able to make it.

My wife and I aren’t able to afford a good editor so we’re making do with ourselves.

I know this may bring the quality down but I like this book and believe it’s the best work I’d done to the point when I wrote it last summer.

The debate on this went on all last week inside my head, I believe Friday’s post shows that.

Now that I’ve made this decision, I won’t be backing off the blog or my other writing.

Over the summer I’ll be submitting the novel I wrote in December to my writing group as well as working on the second book in that series.

I know this may catch some of my constant readers off guard but sometimes you have to jump.

I’m jumping this July. I’ll keep you up to date on anything further.

Happy writing.