Truth & Consequences in Writing.

I feel that the world in which I write and what I write are corollaries.

They’re connected to each other. They have a connection to who I’ve been.

The reasons I write horror are connected to what is going on around me. The way I deal with the world and how the world deals with me, it’s all connected.

Horror is that genre that defines me. It’s darkness has kept me safe from myself and my depression since I was a teenager.

I watched horror as a kid because it fascinated me. I read it because it scared me and I write it for both of those reasons.

You’d think in a world gone crazy, I’d write something calming. It’s in the darkest places I’ve always found the brightest lights.

The darkness of horror felt safer than the world around me, it still does.

There’s something about being lost in the dark and having something horrifying take you down a spiral of fear.

That spiral doesn’t take you down all the time sometimes it leads you on a merry-go-round.

It turns until you get off but it always turns.

Keep going until the horror stops and you find yourself.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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