Heart And Soul

There comes a time when we must challenge ourselves.

This challenge comes after months of thinking.

Sometimes, at least with me, it comes from dealing with depression and a feeling that I should quit and get a real job.

The challenge is this: take 3 months to improve your writing.

Ask those who read your work what you’re poor at and take 3 months to get better on those things.

I did this last year and I improved more in those 3 months than the previous 3 years.

This year I’ll push myself harder to get where I need to be because I won’t quit.

I’m unpublished but not for long.

In order for me to do this I have to take a break for social media.

My site isn’t a part of social media and now that I’m using it again, I’ll keep going.

As for other social media, the break begins this week.

I know where my writing suffers. I understand that getting better at the craft must happen in order to be published.

Have a good Tuesday and I’ll keep you updated.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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