How I Was Able to Write Full-Time.

For over 11 years I’ve been struggling to write I’ve written two novels, over 50 short stories and stopped and started numerous others.

I did all of this while working 40 hours a week, struggling with migraines, depression and maintaining a relationship with my wife and kids.

I did all these things, but I never felt complete in who I was.

I know a lot of it had to do with that little voice in my head.

The one with my dad’s voice saying, “I wasn’t good enough” or ” I would never be a writer.”

Guess what, I’m a writer!

I’ve talked about the conversation my wife and I had about leaving Vegas, and how I would be able to write full-time and do another job to bring in money until my writing brought in money.

I am sitting here, telling you that not only did this happen, but in a couple months I’ll begin sending out a manuscript to agents.

Yes, I am a certified writer.

I have set schedule of taking the kids to school, getting a few thousand words in the afternoon, picking the kids up from school and eating dinner with my family.

There are a few nights during the week when I pour alcohol for corporate events, weddings and other such things for extra money, but writing is my main gig.

Here’s how we were able to do all of this:

  • We saved up enough to get us through the rough patches of moving.
  • We got the kids into a good charter school.
  • We paid off the majority of our debt, including credit cards.
  • I got a job, though it took longer than expected.

We’ve been in our new environment for 2 months, we have zero credit card debt bought a new house with money we’d saved and I’m able to work 2-3 days a week to supplement our income.

It helps that my wife has a great job, good health care plan and makes a decent amount each month. Without any of this we wouldn’t have been able to move.

I am now able to do what I want, spend time with my family and get out of the house a few nights a week.

After following the plan I’m able to be a mostly stay at home dad.

My wife works from home, so she doesn’t commute and when I’m doing the events she’s home with the kids.

You can truly do what you want if you have a plan.


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