Why Childhood Defines Us.

Within the time we’re allowed to concern ourselves with who we are, life moves past us and concerns itself with trying to take us down.

We decide to be the person we are because of what we’ve struggled through. This leads us to concern ourselves with what makes the rest of the world appear as a burned out shell of what our childhood self remembers.

Our childhood self doesn’t understand who we are, only what they’ve seen.

We look at our childhood self, their struggles, pains and regrets, mostly the pains, and see the road our mind took to keep us alive through it all.

Trauma deals a blow to who we thought we were as kids.

Sometimes the memories come flooding back and we’re stuck with them for a few days.

They’re reminders of the life we had, the people we once loved. Then there are those who left us with our tires flat, engine dead and no transmission on the side of the road.

Those people created us more than any others.

They’re the reason we struggle to be someone, not to prove them wrong, not anymore, but to make sure they see our bright shining star.

They’ll take notice, but we’re usually past giving a shit.

We’ll see them watching, but when they approach with their tow truck, we’ve already bought a new car and driven off.

Moving off from the damage of childhood makes us stronger, keeps us working towards being better and it defines our purpose.

What have you done to define your purpose?


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