Finding Focus after Depression

When I sat in my car, tears pouring through the crevices between my fingers, I realized how bad my depression had become and I had to climb out.
After I began TM, I discovered who I am and began to make life better for myself, my wife and kids.
This happened gradually, through communication with my wife, listening to my kids and learning to listen to my soul.
There were times when I began TM I’d say something, my wife would look at me her eyes glistening with tears and it was in those moments I started to understand how detached my wife and I had become.
Now when my wife and I have a disagreement, there’s less yelling and more reconciliation.
Now, it’s been 10 months since my first transcendental meditation session and I’ve discovered the person I was before TM wasn’t very nice to those around him.
I’ve tried to repair the relationship with my wife and kids, and we’re doing better than ever.
I’m glad they have me as I am now.
My son will remember the other person, as will my wife.
My hope is others will accept the changes and other relationships will be repaired.
Depression took my away from my family, Transcendental Meditation brought me home.



How are you Transcending your Writing?

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