Finding Patience

In a world that hammers us constantly, we must find the patience to exist for ourselves.

There is a patience in the way to react to a world that may toss us to the wolves.

Patience in life, in work, in our creative endeavors is a daily struggle.

We fight with our mind, our loved ones, and with the art we create.

Our art finds us lost at times.

It finds us torn between who we want to be, what others believe us to be and finding the time to enjoy who we truly are.

The struggle to compare who we are to what others believe is a lost battle.

We must be who believe ourselves to be. It is only in those moments that we can truly exist within our happiness.

Patience leads the way to this happiness.

Whether in how we construct a story or how we design a project, patience is the key to finding our way.

When patience is at the forefront of our mind, we put more effort into understanding ourselves and those who support us.

Instead of blowing through a project, we’re more focused and aware of what is happening.

We take time to put life in an order that no longer feels forced.

The words come better when patience is applied.

Life happens better when patience is applied.