Navigating the Waters of Who We Want to Be.

The more we fight who we are, the harder it becomes to resist the temptation to become that person.

Each new day comes and goes, but within those days the struggle within, the struggle to fight and move on and become the person we should be, that fight becomes more difficult.

The difficulty lies in having the time to digest the new person, peruse who they are and navigate through their mind.

Our digestion of this person is fought on all sides from outside sources. Family and friends are afraid of this person, they don’t know them and their discovery of who we want to be and what we truly want frightens them.

Our perusal of this person and what they represent to our lives is oftentimes destroyed by our glance within. We’ve fought hard to become that person, and the destruction of they’ve wrought leads us to a place we’re unfamiliar with and this scares the hell out of us, and it should, change should scare us.

Like Magellan, we move around the places we don’t want to be, dodging the Horn of Hate, ignoring the Straight of Lost Dreams, until we reach the place we’re supposed to be, sure there will be lost sailors along the way, there may even be lost ships, but reaching the new shore of who we are is worth traveling for.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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