Going Home, Writing and Another Step Closer

Life is about struggle, but with each day we find the passage through and we learn that we’re headed in the right or wrong direction, but that direction is ultimately our choice.

In the next couple months I’ll be making a big change to increase how much time I’m able to spend on writing.

My wife and I have decided to move away from the life we’ve made in Las Vegas and go home.

Both of us were raised in Utah and growing up there we learned to fish, camp and discover the outdoors.

My favorite times as an adult have been when I took my son fishing, camping in my aunt’s backyard with my wife and kids and showing my son the lake where I learned to fish.

I want to give my son the childhood I had, while he’s still young enough to enjoy it but old enough to appreciate it.

We’ve planned this out and, well maybe I’ve planned it out more than she has, but going home will be a great exercise in persistence, fortitude and realizing our strengths as a family.

My wife is nervous, I’m excited as are our kids, but with this move we’ve planned for me to work a minimum of days so I can focus on writing, but as with any plan there may be detours.

I know that life will change, but without change life everything is less fun and more predictable.

Being predictable doesn’t help us grow. Staying in one place doesn’t make us change.

Leaving the only place our kids have known as home will open their eyes to the wonders of the outdoors and the life of living in Utah, which is far better for kids than Las Vegas.

Be it choice or intervention, we’re changing places for the good of our kids, ourselves and it’s one step closer to my dream reality.


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