Being Strong and Fighting Through the Demons.

Me and my brother

There are many days in our lives when we need to be strong for someone else; funerals, at times of stress and when someone is trying to recover from a severe illness.

Illness strikes all of us at times we wish it hadn’t. We learn about ourselves during those times, as well as about those around us.

Each person has a reason for being here. Whether it’s to learn, teach or to help. But we find in ourselves the things we wish we’d known long ago, and sometimes we discover the truth about who we were all along.

This truth helps us through the bad times we’ve struggled through, through the torment of our demons and the hazards of getting through life without knowing who we are.

There are many days in our life, but the days we struggle are when we learn the most.

We discover abilities to grow, to learn and to find in ourselves the greatness which has been kept from us.

The greatness we find in our struggle will keep us safe in the challenges we face and possibly help us be the person we were supposed to be before the demons took away our sanity and our peace.

Peace is the hardest part of our struggle. The peace we find in this life will guide us into the next and keep the demons away.

When demons come calling we struggle the hardest, not because we’re weak, but just the opposite. We struggle because of the strength we carry within us.

This strength feels like it appears out of the blue, but that’s only the demon’s trick.

The finality of this trick makes us believe we’re not full of the strength to live. To survive and to continue to thrive in this life we must chase the demons, rid ourselves of their presence and discover the truth; we’ve always had the strength to fight the demons, we were just unaware of how strong we truly are.

Today my brother is having surgery to remove cancer from his kidney. If you could, say a prayer for him today or wear red and white, it would be amazing.

I don’t do this for anyone, but I’ll do anything for my big brother. Love you Chris.


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