A hectic few days.

I’m attempting to get my body in better shape. These means I’m working out 3 days a week. I will progress to a daily workout when my body is comfortable with the workouts I’m doing.

This led me to workout on Wednesday. I have to back up a bit.

Our front lawn does every year. It’s a menace that my wife and I no longer want to put effort into fixing. We ordered rock a few weeks ago. It happened to arrive Wednesday. I did a full workout Wednesday morning and threw rock for four hours Wednesday night. I woke up sore as hell Thursday.

On the writing front, I’m continuing to work on this new/old project. It’s coming along and I’m taking my time with it. I’m easily distracted. The medication I’m on seems to do that. I went off of it and it didn’t work. I’m back on and feeling better.

I started using Notes on Substack this week. I can’t stand Twitter lately. The algorithm is all over the place and the leadership sucks. I’m trying out Notes for now.

It’s hard to get a following on these newer social media places. Especially as someone without a publisher backing them. I’m still writing and while I’ve considered quitting, I’ve worked too hard to get where I am. My writing improves every day. I won’t back away from that.

Anyway, I’ll see you my Substack if you’re a subscriber over there on Sunday. If not, I’ll see you here on Monday. Have a good weekend.


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