In it

Today started with me not getting my workout. I was tired from yesterday and while I’m not sure why, I wrote this morning and finished a first draft of a story yesterday.

What I wrote today is something I wrote a while ago. It’s been years since I sat down a wrote a story like it and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

We’ve had more snow this week and I’m sick of looking at and shoveling the stuff. I know we’re in a drought but god I’m tired of snow.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day with my youngest while my oldest stream Overwatch 2 on Twitch. They’re very good at the game and are starting to get a following on the platform. I’m glad as they’ve had trouble finding work since graduating last June. I hope this gives them a job. I know it’s what they want.

My youngest is on spring break and I’m taking them to our local mall to look at clothes and doing a few other things.

I’ve enjoyed coming back to this blog quite a bit. Monday’s power outage last a little over 90 minutes but it through my day off and I only wrote a little later in the day.

My wife and I are playing Alliance characters in Warcraft again. I know she prefers the way the look to Horde and I’m good with either faction.

I have a few writing plans for this summer and I’ll talk about them Friday or Monday, and possibly on my Substack as well.

Have a good Wednesday. I’ll see you all Friday.


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