Don’t work for free.

Let me start this post by saying, welcome to all the new followers.

Okay, that’s done, now down to what I want to say.

This past weekend I let it be known I was probably going to publish a book on Amazon soon. I wrote about this decision on Monday’s post.

I’ve been debating this decision with myself and I’ve talked it over with my wife. We decided the book will not get any better than its current iteration and that I should publish, now back to the point.

One of my friends thought I’d give him a feee signed copy of the book when it’s released. I truly care about this person but they don’t write or doing anything creative, that I’m aware of.

This being the case, they don’t understand how hard it is to be a creative.

There are only two people who would get those signed copies, for free; my wife and my mom.

They have been my biggest supporters throughout my writing journey.

I have a date selected for publication and I’ll be going over the draft leading up to that date.

I’ll let all of you know when that will be in the coming weeks.

Happy writing and don’t work for free.


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