Finishing, following through and other 2015 things.

New things make us wonder about the old.
We think about how they loved, how they made us feel and how they changed us.
We see each year as it passes and we may think about who we’ve been, how we changed and hopefully, how we’ve grown.
Today starts 2015, and with it a new start, a new journey and a way for us to become who we want.
I come into this year far different than I came into 2014.
I grew spiritually and found my calling.
In 2015 I’ll be expanding on my writing and focusing on my off-line writing. Which may take me away from Delusions of Ink, but in order to grow we must try harder things, discover new places within and journey to find who we need to be.
In this new year my focus will shift to growth of my writing, while 2014 was growth of my soul.
I’ll still be writing, but I must challenge myself to become a better writer for myself.
I hope you’ll stay as I take my journey with Transcendental Meditation forward and share all the new things it will bring.
I also plan to have my wife do an article after she’s been doing TM for a while, and she agreed.
Seeing her response to TM is something I’m looking forward to.
Enjoy 2015 and enjoy life more, love more and do something you’ve never attempted for the sake of doing it.