Throwing it away…

This past week, we’ve seen what appears to be the end of LGBTQ rights the way they’ve been perceived in the past 8 years, then end of rights of anyone with brown skin, and anyone who isn’t a part of the Christian faith.

As an Atheist, this last part disturbs me most, but because I’m a human, the others disturb me as well.

What I’ve found most interesting is the people who supported the candidate.

There are people from various ethnicities and faiths, people who I believed were rational, white people whose kids have brown skin and people I considered mired in their Christian faith.

When you people of faith abandon their fellow man, the world isn’t the same, it doesn’t breath the same and the air within it is no longer one of Christ’s teachings.

In my journey to Atheism, I learned more about Christ than Christians, read more of the Quran that most Muslims and gained a peace within myself that faith never gave me.

All people should be treated well, isn’t that what Christ taught?

I’ll keep writing daily to get my words out about what I witnessed this past week and I’ll never give up the fight against a candidate with tyrannical instincts.




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