How Transcendental Meditation is leading me to other discoveries.

When we least expect our life to improve, it does.

Now that I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation for 7 months, I see where I was when my mind broke. I see the life, the person and the lack of spirituality I had in my life.

I know that I’ve been Buddhist for over 10 years, but I never meditated every day until TM. It’s not because I didn’t want to, it was only because I didn’t see it affecting my life the way I thought it would.

I see others who’ve practiced Buddhism and they seem okay, but some of them who say they practice, aren’t exactly happy with the lives they live and it affects who they are, how they respond to criticism and whether they’re open to improving themselves.

When things came crashing down 7 months ago, I had no other options than to try something “radical”.

To me Transcendental Meditation seemed “radical”, it was something I’d looked into, but it wasn’t something I really believed would help me, because we never truly believe the benefits of something until we’ve tried it.

When I sat down with Michael, my teacher, I wasn’t sure what would happen, and maybe I wasn’t prepared for what happened.

While I sat and began my mantra, I felt a pull. It was full and yet it wasn’t alarming. It was the most calming thing that had ever happened to me.

As I descended into the pool of warmth I felt an absolute calm. There was nothing around me but calm water. While I sat at the bottom of the pool there was nothing but warmth and while it’s been 7 months since I began the intensity of the warmth and the strength of the calm, if you could call it that.

While I’ve dealt with many things the last seven months, including the death of my father-in-law, I’ve found that TM is the only thing which calms me enough, quiets my mind enough and centers my soul enough to continue with life.

The last few months I’ve been away from the blog to focus on non-blog related writing and though I had wanted to take a break from blogging, but there are many things I want to say about TM, about how I’ve benefited from it, how my family has and how my writing has.

Over the next few months I’ll be telling you these things. Some of them are drastic others, though seemingly minor, have changed who I am.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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