What we must do in the next four years.

It’s been a week since the election of the incoming administration, and in that time there’s been more racial violence than after 9/11.

If we’re to thrive in the next four years, here is what we must do:

  1. If a Muslim, Jew, have brown skin, black skin, LGBTQ or cisgender and you see them being hurt, stand up to the person hurting them. If you can’t (because of your size)find someone who will.
  2. There are going to be a lot of frightened people out there in the communities I mentioned above, do something to help them.
  3. If the administration does something you don’t agree with, say something. Call your congressperson or senator.
  4. Protect each other and don’t let anyone feel like they’re alone.
  5. Don’t normalize the hate that will be coming from the administration. Normalizing hate is never okay.
  6. Speak up!

These are what I’ve come up with over the last week. If you can add something, reply in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

My daughter’s friends are Latina and I know they’re scared. I know there are a lot of kids that are scared, but remember their parents are trying to put on a good face and make light of it, help them if they need help.

Don’t normalize hate.

I will not go quietly…

There is a lot  “Shut up, you lost”, “it’s over, just shut up!”

No, that’s not happening.

 I will not go quietly.

I will not sit in the corner and take my medicine.

Every time he does something that goes against the morals I’ve been taught, I will stand up. I will not shut up, I will not hold my tongue.

You can’t tell me to be quiet when the rights of freedom are going to be lost to those with brown skin, those in the LGBTQ community, and those of faiths who are marginalized.

I will not go quietly. I will not stand aside. I will fight with my last breath for those who will be marginalized by the incoming administration.

I will vote, I will stand against the hate of those who fight against me and I will not go quietly.