Writing What I Want To Read

When you’ve written five books, none of them seeing the light of day, for one reason or another, you reevaluate your writing and you wonder what’s gone wrong.

I started out writing what I thought others wanted to see me write, it sucked. It really sucked.

Then I decided to write what the market wanted. So, I wrote a YA book. But that book has been in rewrite and revision hell. It’s been rewritten 3 times and I don’t see an end in sight for that one.

I like science fiction.

A few of my favorite writers are Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov.

I thought, I’ll write a Science Fiction story with spaceships, aliens, robots and shit like that. I wrote deep into that world and found, I wasn’t having fun.

What happens when you read a lot of one author? You start writing like that author. This happened in one of my books. I’d been consuming Neil Gaiman on a weekly basis, and low and behold, I wrote a book that read like a Gaiman book.

I really loved the story, but it became a mess of two many characters and some really weird shit that I couldn’t control, which happens when you start giving rocks voices.

Through all of the books I’ve written, I never written what I would truly want to read.

Here’s the writing prompt I created for myself. Write a book with the elements you’d want to see in a book.

I love American history, Fantasy, and magic. That’s what I’m going with. I’ll return to the story and leave you wondering.

I will be posting something on Wattpad related to this in the near future. It will be a first draft, but if you like it, I’ll keep going.