Not sure what’s going on.

There are days when everything feels right. That I’m doing everything I can, this is not one of those days.

I feel things crashing against waves that wash over me, tossing me into the surf, and slamming my head against the rocks,

It’s hard to figure out where it went. How it got so convoluted, and when it started to get worse.

I’ve tried talked. Things have been discussed but the rocks, the surf, and the waves striking me haven’t stopped. If anything they’re increasing in frequency.

I work, I write, deal with family, but I’m not sure it’s helping. I’m at the pit and the sides are muddy from the waves. I try to claw my way up, but there’s nothing to grab onto.

Sometimes things are futile and I’m not sure where they’re going and now I’m rambling because the words aren’t coming.

The words to explain that I’m trying so hard. Doing all I can but after yesterday, it feels for nought.

I’ll sink back into the shadows. Work through it because the choices are minimal I don’t know up from down


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