Screw ups, fixes, and editing.

And away we go…
This past week I saw other writers with screenshots of their work on Grammarly and Hemingway. I’ve used both. Each of them suitable for what they are, but I haven’t used them in a while.
Seeing other writers use these programs made me feel better and made me think about my own work. I knew there were issues(the absence of sales does that to a writer), but I downloaded Grammarly again and ran the book through it.
What I found not only disheartened me and sent me into a slight depression, I felt terrible about those who’d purchased it.
I intended it to be decent work, but it was like many other books on Amazon, grammar issues, spelling errors, and a whole host of other things.
While I worked through it, I found I was improving the hell out of it.
Because of that, I’ve decided to drop the price to $0.99 for the foreseeable future on Amazon.
There are some fun but also some disturbing stories in the collection.
I hope you’ll buy it.
This whole thing taught me a lesson. Never edit it solely by yourself; make sure you run it through editing software.


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