Unregulated and unrefined

There is a way to go about writing that’s been sticking in my brain.

I haven’t been able to work really well until recently, at least on a novel. I have short stories coming from everywhere, but novels have eluded my since May.

Recently, the last week actually, I found my way through them and into something more worthy.

This breakthrough or whatever you want to call it came out of writing for an anthology with a quick turn around. I realized I was entirely capable of writing a story in a couple of days, editing it the best of my ability and submitting it.

It was less difficult than I believed it would be and found myself actually enjoying the editing process, macabre as hell I know, but it did happen.

When I came back down from the editing and after I submitted it, I realized what I’d done and thought about it for a few days.

Today is the first day I’ve thought of putting something down about the experience.

I’d been avoiding this blog, though still paying for it, maybe because I was paying for I was avoiding it.

Whatever the case, I’ll be sharing my writing journey more often.

I write horror and that comes in many varieties.

My short story collection on Amazon has 11 stories in it. I’m working on a novel currently as well as writing short stories for any anthology that I see on Twitter or Horrortree.

I’ll see you on Wednesday.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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