Your writing…

Your writing and your life get to where they need to be through persistence and hardship.

You never truly know how far you’ve come until you’re sitting at your writing desk leafing through past books and you’re truly thankful every day that you get to do what you do.

When you stare at unfinished books on your hard drive or books that you’ll never publish you’ll understand why you grind every day.

When people ask about your writing you tell them your working but never give specifics because you can’t.

There are days you only get a few hundred words and you get worried or depressed that you’re not pulling your weight with your family.

Those days are the hardest.

Then you hit a new goal, figure something out and you’re back at it.

You’re still not published because you’re afraid of what people will say.

You continue to work because it’s in creating characters, worlds and stories you find the most peace in your life.

You’re not always happy but you get to a place when you’re writing that makes you feel something that nothing else gives you.

You have to keep writing for no other reason than you love to create lives.

Keep going.


How are you Transcending your Writing?

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