Don’t let research bog you down.


A few years ago I was looking into cults and after one book I fell down a rabbit hole of cult stuff.

I read “Raven” about Jim Jones and Jonestown, watched a couple of documentaries about it, and kept going with other documentaries about Heaven’s Gate, Manson, and well, there are a lot of books and movies on the subject.

I started this research because of one story. A story that has sat on my hard drive for the last few years. It’s only as I thought of how to reconstruct the current project that it came back. I’m sorting through all of the cult stuff to make this story more interesting. I’m taking my time to inject all that I enjoyed about the former drafts while incorporating the contents of the short story.

The research about cults was fascinating but having done it to such a depth where it occupied a lot of my time wasn’t healthy, but I’m also aware that it will help me with this story.

Research no matter how small, if you’re fascinated by the material, will lead you down a few rabbit holes and it can be hard to climb out.

I’m able to use the material now but felt like I’d stepped in something at the time.

It’s a bit of a crap shoot sometimes with research, but don’t fall down rabbit holes.